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Pricing and fees

Simple and Transparent Property Management

Our management fee is 9% of rental income, with a leasing fee of 25% of one month's rent. There are no sign-up fees, admin fees, vacancy fees, advertising fees or lease renewal fees.

We have chosen a structure that is fair and that aligns our shared goals of high quality, long term, reliable leasing of your property.

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Maintenance and Repairs

68 Property Management's in-house repairs and maintenance are billed at $40 per hour during normal business hours(M-F 9am-5pm S 8am-12pm), and $50 per hour for after hours services with a minimum 1 hour charge.

When skilled trades or specialty work is required by an outside vendor, a management fee of 10% is applied to all managed outside work.

68 Property Management has a diverse portfolio of reliable, skilled contractors with preferred pricing for our customers.

Pricing and Fees: Text
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